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George J. Stahlin, "Certified Tennis Court Builder" 

Evergreen Tennis Courts, Inc. was originally founded in 1974 by George Stahlin. At that time, we had adopted our company slogan of "Quality Still Exists". Today we still value and pursue that slogan as our main goal. Over the years, we have added to that a service network that has helped us to be recognized as the best at what we do. It is this quality of service that has lead our primary business contacts to be customer referrals as opposed to direct advertising.

Our first official construction season began in the summer of 1975. In that first year, we surfaced five tennis courts. By 1980, we had grown into a company that was surfacing over 100 courts a year. Good things never last and by 1982, we found ourselves struggling with an economy in the Rocky Mountain Region that was less than flat. In an effort to help with the sagging local economy, we successfully negotiated for winter work outside our area, and headed for the Caribbean. To date, we have surfaced over 500 tennis courts in the Miami and Caribbean market.

Today we continue to grow, although remaining a smaller more service oriented company with the customers best interest at heart. We have installed every type of tennis court surface with the exception of real grass, though we have done approximately 200 synthetic grass courts. In 1996, we successfully completed our first Clay Courts and Post-Tensioned concrete courts.

We had been chosen as the contractor of choice for a five year maintenance program on the City of Fort Collins tennis courts. This particular project was awarded not just on the basis of price, but took into consideration the company's ability to meet all of the City's needs including quality and service of work. Our Post-Tensioned reconstruction project at Rolland Moore Park was recognized by the United States Tennis Association with the "Outstanding Tennis Facility Award". 

Whether it be a small backyard project or a large civic project, we are tennis court contractors who specialize in the design, construction, rejuvenation and service of indoor or outdoor tennis, basketball, roller blade, volleyball and sport courts. To date, we have worked on over 3000 courts within the Rocky Mountain Region. Unlike other seasonal businesses, our winter market in the Caribbean and Florida keeps us moving forward for the entire year.

Evergreen Tennis Courts, Inc., continues to be a leader within the industry. If you need any additional information on our company and the services available, do not hesitate to give us a call.