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Asphalt Tennis Courts

Evergreen Tennis Courts has been building new asphalt tennis courts for 37 years.   Though Post Tension concrete will last longer, asphalt makes for the best base material of any other hard court material on the market.  It does not have the same negative long term effects on the body that you get with the denser concrete finish.  Advanced design specifications, would include several lifts of asphalt, placed between a specially designed crack resistant fabric (PetroMat).

First the site is selected and cleared.  Final design varies based on location and soil conditions.  The average court would have 8" thick road base and 4" thick ashalt.  Fence layouts would also vary, dependent on the owners specific needs.  The court is finshed with the Plexipave surfacing system and the Douglas equipment and accessory lines.  Most private tennis courts are finished with a Basketball goal and half court blended striping. Shown below find various installations of asphalt Tennis and Basketball Courts. Call our toll free number today to set up your free (no obligation) site inspection, with follow up recommendations, specifications and pricing.

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