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Evergreen Tennis Courts

Post Tension Concrete Courts

Evergreen Tennis Courts, has been building Post Tensioned (Tennis, Basketball, Pickleball and Sport) Courts longer than any other company in Colorado.  Post Tensioned Concrete courts were developed in 1970's specifically for areas like the South Western U.S. that have poor soil conditions.  Much like the systems used on bridges, the system incorporates a monolithic concrete slab with cables that are tensioned after the concrete has cured to a certain compressive strength. This stressing keeps any cracks that may develop over time to a hairline, unlike typical asphalt and concrete courts in this region. The post tensioning system is becoming more and more popular especially with municipalities, because of the reduction in crack-fill maintenance costs. Call our toll free number today to set up your free (no obligation) site inspection, with follow up recommendations, specifications and pricing.

The sub-base is prepared and base materials are applied as specified